Surfer Bethany’s life can be summed up in 3 words — Tragedy, Triumph and Joy!

Bethany life is unstoppable after shark attack.

Bethany Hamilton, a bourgeoning 13-year-old was on her way to becoming a surfing star. Her board was her Life! And she was determined to be the best at it. On October 31, 2003, during the surfing session just off the shore in her home state of Hawaii, she suffered a major setback. While she was lounging with her left arm over the side of her board, a 14-foot tiger shark clamped down on her arm, severing it just below the shoulder. While she lost her left arm, she managed to escape with her life.

Most people would have called it quits, just happy to survive after a near death experience, but not Bethany. She was physically scarred by the shark attack, but she was determined to not let it damage her emotionally and mentally. Rather than live with fear of water the rest of her life, Bethany returned to her board just 3 weeks after the tragic episode. And just over a year later, she won her first national surfing title.

In 2007, she realized her dream of surfing professionally and since then, has partook and won in numerous competitions, received many accolades and sponsorships through her journey. Bethany also wrote a New York Times best-selling autobiography in 2004, which was later turned into a film Soul Surfer. Even during her pregnancy, she surfed up to 5 hours a day to stay in shape. If losing an arm couldn’t keep her off the board, carrying a child certainly wasn’t going to either.

As someone said, failure can never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough.

Working hard, being patient and being full of determination is perhaps the most fulfilling way of becoming rich.

― Robert Gardner




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